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DAn Solutions, Inc is comprised of experienced Senior Consultants, Program Managers, Project Managers, and former Military Special Operations Personnel who focus on utilizing technology to optimize business process analysis, strategy and reengineering.

Our areas of expertise include: Microsoft SharePoint design, customization and integration, Systems Engineering and Integration, Network Engineering, Project Management, Software Development, Configuration Management, Security Engineering, BizFlow BPM, RSA Archer, F5, Adobe Experience Manager, Geospatial Interpretation, SME Data Analysis Processing and Analysis.


Gain better insight into activity on your network and make better decisions on where to invest security resources.

The threat landscape has never been more dynamic or pervasive. Yearly reports from the largest IT security companies show that attackers breach networks regularly and persist without discovery for months (6 months on average, often for years!) and that most companies only discover they are breached when informed by external entities. We provide security services raning from Microsoft platform product security improvement to security architecture and design. Our security group performs cutting edge research on the latest attack vectors and provides the newest detection methods of these attacks to our customers. Most recently, our own CTO has identified and is publishing Active Directory Kerberos attack indicators to the community.

  • Security Event Information Management (SEIM) Optimization
  • Active Directory security review & assessment
  • Microsoft product security review and improvement (improve security of your Microsoft products such as SharePoint & Exchange).
  • Security program review & assessment
  • Security architecture design and review